Step 6 - Self Discovery Life Mastery "Boot Camp" for Heroes

This amazing 4 1/2 day event is about fully integrating self mastery into your daily life and operating as an enlightened master.  It is about being the “universal self” that knows first-hand that life is about love and contribution and by LIVING AS THAT SPACE a person is a major contributor to an enlightened civilization.

At this event we explore operating as broader viewpoints of consciousness including the “mass consciousness” of humanity and make shifts within it, we explore “supernormal states” of consciousness and how to apply them in everyday life to make a huge impact in the enlightenment of civilization on a planetary level.  This is a radically life changing, intensive course and all participants must fill out and be accepted in an application process.

All applicants must have successfully attended all other Self Discovery events and be regularly practicing the “S.S.T.”

All applicants for the SD Life Mastery Trainer Intern program must have graduated from this event first.