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Biographical sketch of Rob James Author & Creator of the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process

Rob James is a native Floridian, of Celtic descent, who was named after the Scottish folk-hero Rob Roy of Clan MacGregor. He was raised in the little known cattle heart-land of South Central Florida between Okeechobee and Ft. Pierce. The son of a prominent local attorney who had a ranch, he was raised working on these cattle ranches as a cowboy and mentored by a close friend and client of his Father – a cattleman who was a lot like John Wayne – a fierce, tough, family-oriented, nature loving man who taught him how to be a man and the importance of core human values such as honesty, integrity and a love for nature and his fellow man.

In grade school at age 8, teachers noticed that he had an intense curiosity and desire to learn. So he was tested and found to have a powerful ability to understand and absorb information and was placed in the “gifted program” for exceptional children. However, he was bored by school and non-cooperative with teachers and did not do well. He was expelled from the 11th grade after a long history of rebellious behavior and failing grades.

Rob joined the U.S. Marines at age 17 and further learned about the “warrior psyche” from some of the best warriors on the planet. He himself was less than an ideal Marine and was often in trouble because of a strong anti-authoritarian attitude that had been in him since very early childhood. Rob describes his early years as being a “rebellious maverick without a cause”.

During this time Rob had become disillusioned about his life in general and began drinking and using drugs and often acted out violence and criminal behavior. This eventually led to him “hitting bottom” at age 28 when he almost killed a man with a gun after a drunken brawl over a girlfriend.

Rob then quit using drugs and alcohol and with some inspiration from others who had transformed their lives, he began an intensive search for the meaning and purpose of his life. He used his brilliant ability to absorb knowledge and assimilate its core meaning to explore the major religions, science, philosophy, spirituality, psychology and all types of self-empowerment trainings and courses - with a burning desire to understand and realize his own potential.

He read hundreds of books and did dozens of courses and trainings for several years and before long began excelling in the field of sales and network marketing. By his mid-thirties he was training others in self-empowerment and had attained the top 10% level of the network marketing industry and top 1% of the company he was a leader in.

At a certain point he realized that training people was what he truly loved, so he made a major life decision to take a few years out of the business world to dive within his own psyche and to explore his soul and create an original body of work that would truly transform himself and others like nothing that had ever existed.

He spent a few years in the Appalachian Mountains and then on an island off the west coast of Florida in intensive, deep meditation and self-contemplation.

This intense inner exploration of consciousness resulted in the creation of the “Self Discovery Techniques” and later, the “Self Discovery Path to Life Mastery” - a revolutionary human potential strategy that he first practiced himself to realize his own self-mastery and then over the next 10 years, thousands of people powerfully transformed their lives!

Rob is a strong-willed, free thinker and a very controversial leader – he is passionate, dynamic and in-your-face and he uses cutting-edge strategies that often offend the average person’s ego! Most people would never be bold enough to face such a challenge.

He has one single goal in life: To support people to become masters over their lives, their happiness and success. This is the path to his life’s vision/mission - creating an Enlightened Civilization that will eventually lead to a world of love, peace and joyful success for all humanity. Rob has developed these specific, highly effective strategies that break down the strongly defined ego defenses of the modern human psyche in order for a person to realize their true self. The next step is to master their beliefs, attitudes and their life in general which results in their enlightenment and self-realization. Thousands of personal testimonies are evidence of the revolutionary power of this body of work!

Along with his committed business partner, Susan James, and their dedicated and highly professional trainer team, Rob leads and trains people with a ferocious compassion - with the toughness of a cowboy and a Marine, and the wisdom and unconditional love of a enlightened being. His lifestyle and relationships are far from ordinary and like most visionaries he is ahead of his time - often mis-understood and resisted by people who don’t have an open mind.

If you are courageous enough to train with him, he will probably shock you, certainly entertain you and most definitely awaken you to a cosmic power within that will forever be the light of your life!

Rob likes to say that like the Highland Rogue he is named after - no one feels ambivalent about him - everyone feels passionately one way or another about him, good or bad…and this is perfectly as it should be for it is his job to awaken their free will and to make them feel alive!