A Wizard operates as Source Awareness and manages consciousness by directing attention deliberately to create a preferred outcome.

Attention is the directed flow of awareness and is the fundamental creative force of the universe. Attention is everything! 

Managing Attention equates to managing reality/creation.

A Wizard experiences their reality as their own consciousness expressed, manifested around them. They understand they are living inside their own self- constructed dream, a self-enveloping “reality bubble”. They are living in an observer created reality.

Having a direct connection to an infinite supply of free attention, a Wizard shapes reality as they choose to.

The challenge for humanity is not how to become a Wizard; the challenge for most people is to decide to let go of being their lesser self, let go of being less than their True Self - the Wizard - and to release the gravity of their fixed attention from a “self”. It is fascinating to the Wizard why anyone would want to remain ignorant or stuck in a reality of suffering, stress and struggle, and why people think the “safety of the known” is really safe, when in fact it is painful and constraining.

To become a Wizard one must dis-create (quit creating) all definitions of self (identity). Any assumptions that they hold to be “true” must be released (thinking they “know” how it is or things are).  Any belief in “reality” being hard and fixed must be let go of.

Most people cling way too hard to their self-made definition (ego self) way too much to quit defining themselves by it. This is the enemy of enlightenment. To become free as the Wizard, one must determine to release themselves of this bondage to the ego and decide to live in the un-defined space of present moment awareness so they can shape reality as the sovereign being they truly are.

Living in the ETERNAL NOW, embracing the unknown with abandon, the Wizard shapes reality as an artist, using the canvas of space and the creative power of their attention as the tool to shape their creation.

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!