A Silent Mind Creates Dynamic Power

In our busy fast-paced intellectually defined western world people often equate power with knowledge. In fact it could be said that knowledge and the intellect have become a sort of "false god" in this day and age. We are currently living in the information age and everywhere you look people are spewing "knowledge" of every sort imaginable at us. Pundits on every subject are selling us on their firm conviction that they have the cure for every problem that exists.

Everyone seems to have the answer for anything and everything - all for only 2 payments of $29.99!

Yet at the same time that all this information and knowledge exists - there are very few real solutions for the challenges that people face in everyday life. One good example is stress and disease. Our society is plagued with stress and disease of every type and few people are not experiencing some level of stress that is damaging to their well-being, and if left unchecked - the cause of disease.

Others simply feel inadequate or impotent no matter how much knowledge they attain. Knowledge is not getting their dreams fulfilled or giving them happiness. Knowledge in fact can be a great limitation if not properly used or understood in the context of Wisdom. Good examples are brilliant professors who are struggling with success or finances or self-improvement teachers struggling with relationships, health or money, etc, etc.

If knowledge in and of itself is not the answer - what is?


Not power as in a position or title or the power to dominate others or used to attain fame or greed based wealth...True Power is the ability to take knowledge and make it potent, to apply it in an efficient and effective manner to create the desired results of both personal fulfillment and contribution to others.

This type of power is created from a silent mind, from Awareness being integrated into the body/mind. When a person can maintain a deep, relaxed meditative state while being fully dynamic and passionate - BEING BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY, then they are truly powerful!

This combination of silent, centered awareness and dynamic passionate focus of attention creates amazing effectiveness and efficiency in a person. A good example is a Yogi who can control his heartbeat or breath or control pain or a Kung Fu master with superhuman agility, power and speed.

The ability to manage states of mind, our attitude and attention/intention at will and to apply that to a modern western lifestyle to create JOYFUL SUCCESS is the way of the future for humanity. It is the realm of creative genius and power. It is enlightenment and self-mastery....it is a state only a handful of human beings have ever known.

What makes this type of Power attainable?

The genius physicist David Bohm talked about how a tiny amount of space (a cubic centimeter) had more power than all of the combined matter in the Universe. Eastern teachers call this finest level of energy "Chi" or "Qi" or "Prana". In the western Christian tradition it is the "Holy Spirit" or "Holy breath". These labels make it seem mystical - however it is simply ATTENTION which is space focused through you and I as our own attention, our own awareness.  This is the life force that animates everything in creation including our self. Clearing the blocks, the unconscious limiting beliefs and sabotage identities deep in the body/mind allows this infinite power to flow through us and create "super human" power.

Luckily, having a highly effective strategy to do this is no longer a "mystical" or impractical undertaking reserved only for mystics, yogis, masters and savants. The Self Discovery Techniques© have made this "super state" of functioning an everyday experience for more and more people. Now everyone can integrate the creative power to live their dreams and contribute to the betterment of society.

You deserve to experience the strategy and skills that you are missing and to step into the next stage of evolution of humanity!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!