It does not take a person on the self-evolvement path too long to realize that all real growth as a human being requires absolute self-honesty.

Being radically honest with our self is very liberating and quickly takes us into real transformation. The challenge with self-honesty is that our ego self wants to defend its self-image and wants to falsely believe and assert that we are already honest.

To state that we are already honest is to imply we are never not honest and that is being very dishonest in itself!

The greatest self-honesty comes from realizing we are not always being real and honest with ourselves or others - this admission to our self is true self-honesty!

To realize that when we say things or behave from pretense we are not being truly honest, helps us to realize that we are not always being totally honest with our self. Have you ever observed someone saying or doing ignorant or destructive things and you did not say or do what you know you should have?

That is one way of not being self-honest. To observe a destructive action and not take action to change it is to be a co-conspirator of that action!

Have you ever been really honest, painfully honest with a friend or loved one and told them the truth and they had a major life shift from it?

Have you ever done this with yourself?

Being absolutely honest with ourselves and others is essential for real growth and transformation to occur. The most courageous honesty begins with the exploration of where we are not being honest in our lives...with ourselves.  Doing a real self-inventory and exploring what areas of our life we are not being real about is the first step and then taking action to make things right moves us forward even further.

Deepening our Self-Awareness is the next vital step toward our self-honesty as there are unconscious aspects of ourselves that are not aligned with our true self that we are not even aware of.

There are little known ways to rapidly accelerate this process...

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!