Self-Discipline: Its True Meaning

Many people think of self-discipline as a painful struggle to overcome something with a lot of will-power and effort.

Let us explore a more enlightened definition of self-discipline: The deliberate control of one's own attention.

When a person masters the skills necessary to direct their attention in each moment as the author, the sovereign creator of their life, they have attained true self-discipline. They can manage their thoughts and emotions and therefore direct their life as total master over their life conditions.

The ultimate goal of any true self-empowerment, spiritual or psychological path is to master the ability to manage one's own attention. This ability is very rare and anyone that has mastered it in any area of life is known as a master in their field.

To be a master over one's own attention leads to total mastery over life!

To manage our attention means that we focus on whatever thought we decide to create or whatever emotion we decide to generate and we allow the thoughts and emotions that hinder, go without resisting them at all.

This is not a matter of super human will although some may think so, if they have not got a highly effective strategy to silence the mind and direct it.

It has been said by all the sages that to master the mind and emotions (one's own consciousness) is the highest skill one can develop. This is the road to freedom, joy and creative living. This is the road to health and well-being.

Thinking that our reality, our life circumstances, determine our beliefs and attitudes is living life as a victim.

To operate from a silent mind (awareness) in every day activity is enlightenment.

This is the only way a person can effectively create their reality. It is the way that synchronicity and joyful success become a normal way to live.

Any effort to try and assert control over the mind or to try and be positive all of the time is simply another struggle, a battle against one's self, and will end up creating more stress. This is not a successful strategy for mastering one's life.

For an enlightenment strategy to be truly effective; we must be able to operate from a silent mind, master directing our attention and how to direct it deliberately. Also, we must learn the skill of discovering and releasing the deep unconscious beliefs that absorb our attention and sabotage our success and create our ideal beliefs so that we take effective actions to succeed.

Luckily consciousness has developed to the point where a strategy that allows us to do all of that is available without requiring the practitioner to follow any indoctrinations or beliefs, or even to be a "follower" at all! 

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