The Power of Negativity

In a society so concerned with self-image and power, it is easy to see why we assert the positive and do not want to own our negativity - to deny our limitation and resistance.

As a culture we are taught to not show our vulnerability or weakness and to present a strong self-image to others. To admit that we do not know something or to own our fears and weakness and self-doubt is contrary to the ego-centric society we live in.

However, once a person gets to a certain point on their self-realization/enlightenment path, they realize that true power comes from getting absolutely real with our self and owning all the negativity that we have created - all of our fears and self-doubts.

In fact if you study anyone who has been a major contributor to society you will see that they faced their demons over and over again until they overcame that part of them self, the repressed shadow self. They experienced their failure (self-doubts, self-limitations, self-sabotage) until all that was left was a attitude of success and then they created major success!

A lot of our self-created limitations (limiting beliefs, self-judgments, self-assumptions self-doubts) are unconscious and assert automatically when we are under pressure. The real challenge for personal transformation strategies (psychology, self-improvement, spirituality) in the past was how to support people to dig up the unconscious and safely integrate that dis-owned part of the psyche.

In recent years there have been revolutionary strides made in this area of managing the unconscious and conscious mind and the Self Discovery Techniques have allowed a Path to Enlightenment that is direct, real, quick, affordable and powerful. It is about truly taking the steering wheel of your life back! 

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to rapidly accelerate the self-mastery process!