The Pendulum Swings

Once we are awakened to Awareness a process that before was creeping along unconsciously, begins to accelerate greatly. The duality of consciousness begins to integrate back into wholeness.  The forces of Yin and Yang begin to dissolve back into the middle way. The process of thinking we are the ego, the different identities and beliefs that define us starts to collapse into a greater Self.  This is the goal of life.  To journey back to knowing itself as wholeness, as pure awareness, pure beingness.

Along this path it is easy to get discouraged.  We hit doubt, confusion, pain and discontentment.  The shadow can seem much greater than the light at times, so much so sometimes that we get disillusioned with our path.  There are so many distractions along the way and almost everyone in our modern world is espousing a truth or a solution.  How do we know what is real or true in this sea of belief solutions?  How do we find our way through the numerous markets and shops of the information age: the soothsayers, prophets, oracles, potions, notions and pills.  How do we get back to the true power that knows the right answers for us and resides within?

Easy, quiet the mind. Ignore the ranting and raving of the intellect with all its constant opinions and conclusions, ponderings and delusions.  Only wholeness knows the truth and truth is unique to each perceiver.

Taking time daily to go beyond thought and to be present is the way back to truth and wholeness, healing and inner strength, creativity and flow.

For the people who have learned the Self Discovery Techniques, you have a powerful and effective strategy to do this. Unlike the vast majority of people in our world, you can silence your mind at will.  You can listen to that quiet subtle voice of reason and truth - the intuition.

No matter what path you have studied or read regarding higher truth or spirituality...there is no higher truth than the truth within.  For each of us it is unique.  To know ourselves as this truth is the goal of all psychological, spiritual and metaphysical paths.  Even science seeks this ultimate truth.

No matter what we run into in matter how formidable or persistent it may seem....the awareness within us is greater and more powerful.  It is absolute and whole while everything else is relative, defined and impermanent.  All we have to do is hunker down inside of our being and weather the storm when challenges confront us. In the end, awareness will always prevail.  Sure, sometimes we get sidetracked or discouraged and look for answers outside of us....eventually we find our way back to Self.  Our true Self is always what we seek and when we find our way back to it...we see this as obvious!

Stop looking outside yourself for the answers.  You have them all within you.  You have everything you seek within you....the world will only show you a reflection of yourself.  Once you have faith in your true, Higher Self and operate as it by being present and aware....everything outside of you will align to support you and serve your needs.

Happiness truly is an inside job!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process.