Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind really means "no mind".  A quiet mind is a truly healthy mind and unless a person can attain that space regularly, they feel stress as a normal part of their everyday life. This constant background stress is the cause of suffering and disease, depression and unhappiness as well as most all of humanities problems.

Sure, "positive thinking" may feel better than negative thinking but it is just another form of stress if there is no silence as the "background", the "foundation"; if there is no access to the ease of effortless BEING. To truly know peace and be creative - a person must be able to access and somewhat maintain a silent mind. Very few are in this space right now.

Being able to manage our thoughts and turn them off all together is what self-mastery is all about. Having this ability gives us total sovereignty, total self-authority over our life as we can choose from intuitive wisdom exactly what decisions to make (or not make) in each moment.  

Most people are dominated by a noisy mind that runs all the time. It is the major dis-ease of our civilization and is a form of neurosis that so many people suffer from that almost no one labels it as "neurotic" - most mental health professionals suffer from it so how could they even know? From an enlightened perspective - a noisy mind is a mild form of insanity!

To know peace is to know a quiet mind and this was the original point of true meditation practices. However, one needs to be able to carry that stillness into their activity for it to be effective in the busy world we live in. Then they become highly effective and alert while deeply relaxed at the same time. A sense of ease and fulfillment is in all of their undertakings. The people who develop the ability to operate from this deep stillness are the leaders of the future as it is the next evolutionary step for humanity. 

There are little known ways to rapidly accelerate this process!