Integrity: Keeping Agreements

In a world where honesty and integrity are not always held to be very important, many people have allowed others to take on their responsibilities and this is very disempowering.

To be powerful and to own our life and the decisions we make in each moment and to stick to them is what defines personal integrity and this is at the very foundation of self-mastery and enlightenment.

Whenever we make an agreement with another person or group or our self and do not uphold that agreement - we lose self-esteem and therefore we lose power. We become trapped in the viewpoint of being a "victim of circumstances".

People then often give their power over to attorneys, courts or some other appointed "outside authority".

Not being responsible for what we have created as the source of our life is out of integrity and leads us to entrapment. We then struggle with our self-made circumstances and blame others for the resulting limiting conditions that we created by being irresponsible in the first place.

What is the way out?

How do we live with personal integrity?

It is simple; we own our life circumstances moment-to-moment and trust that whatever we have created to show up in our lives is our creation.

We decide to be fully responsible for and own as our creation any condition, circumstance or person that we attract into our life.

The challenge is that we are not always aware of how we create this conditions or circumstances. We may be un-aware of how we created them. This can lead us to displace responsibility and deny ownership of our life.

To become truly powerful we must decide to always remember this; we are creators, not creatures.

This viewpoint of being creator of your life requires ruthless self-honesty, vulnerability with self, and an intention to take full ownership for everything that shows up in our reality!

Sure, it can be very challenging to live with this level of personal responsibility and integrity! It is not always easy to own that some "seemingly terrible" situation or person was attracted into our life by our own decision (whether we did this consciously or unconsciously). Thanks to the revolutionary Self Discovery Techniques the path to personal integrity and self-mastery/enlightenment has become very real and attainable for anyone who is willing. Find out how you can start owning all of your reality and then begin shaping it as you decide to!

You will be keeping agreement with your True Self that pays unlimited dividends!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!