Enlightenment is Love

Everyone knows in their heart that love is the highest power, that our Higher Self operates as pure, unconditional Love.

This Love is beyond mental understanding or simple romantic love, as it is the source of life itself. It is pure wisdom and infinite knowledge. It heals and purifies and gives us strength. It is the very vitality that animates us.

At our most fundamental level, we are this Love.

Experiencing this as a first-hand personal truth is enlightenment    

It is not enlightenment to think about love or just feel love sometimes...

Enlightenment is the experience of transcending the mind and being Love.

Being Love means that the mind is no longer running your life. You live from the heart and intuitive guidance is your operating mode. You understand things naturally and effortlessly because the heart has whole knowledge. It is connected to the infinite web of space/time. It is non-local cosmic intelligence. The word Holy comes from the Greek root word "Holistika" which means wholeness. 

This state of enlightenment cannot be conjured or pretended or mentally attained. It is beyond the mind and the chatter of thinking. Training the mind to be silent is the first step to access to the realm of pure love, of enlightenment and the infinite freedom peace and joy that it brings.

Can't I just really want to be enlightened and read and study about it and do some practices to attain it?

It takes developing very specific skills and abilities to attain enlightenment. One must learn to master the mind and discipline their attention so one may contact the source and uncover and integrate the unconscious beliefs, fears and sabotage patterns back into this wholeness. Also, if one wants to attain it in any reasonable amount of time one needs the support of an enlightened being and a committed group that practices together regularly.

Attaining enlightenment has historically been a huge and very daunting task and only for holy men, savants and mystics. That old view is changing fast as people are beginning to see that love is the only solution to the challenges the world currently has. Money, power and fame just are not enough.

Very few current strategies are highly effective and complete regarding attaining enlightenment.

Now, thanks to the Self Discovery Techniques it is becoming a real and attainable possibility for everyone to live from love - to become enlightened.

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to rapidly accelerate the self-mastery process!