Effortless Intensity

When we learn how to be effortless Source Awareness, we can then begin to create our reality with a passionate intensity.  This combination of effortless being and dynamic intensity of attention could be compared to a tiger on the hunt: the tiger is intensely focused; it can hear even the slightest sound and smell the faintest odor.  Any slight movement in the jungle is detected with a vigilant, keen focus of attention. Yet simultaneously the tiger is silent and calm, very still while also very alert.

In fact, the tiger is the symbol of the enlightened master, of power and presence in Eastern traditions as is the lion in European, Middle Eastern and African lore.

How can one be silent and effortless and dynamic intensity of focus simultaneously?

By learning to integrate both equally as part of their self-mastery.

Some transformational paths emphasize silence, stillness or beingness through specific meditation techniques, while others emphasize being passionate, creative and motivated.  To really truly be powerful and effective at any undertaking - one must master both.  It is the "Ying" and "Yang" of self-mastery.

Learning how to be both deeply silent inside and intensely focused and passionate is the art level of creative power.  It is the enlightenment level of functioning that historically only a rare few have had any level of mastery with.

True Martial arts masters, or any powerful top leader in their field of undertaking have mastered this "effortless intensity".  They are unshakeable and centered in their being and self-determined - they do not see "problems" as real, they see challenges that they strive and thrive at overcoming with a joyful abandon to the process!

An attitude of taking on and conquering challenges is the hallmark of the top achievers in any field.  They "raise the bar" higher and set new standards for humanity.  They see beyond what is and create what will be.

Inside every person is this top achiever, this tiger, this master.  Learning how to connect with deep silence and to integrate it into everyday life while creating passionate intensity toward one's ideals is the necessary rite of passage to live as a master.  It is the life truly lived and makes every day seem like another wonderful opportunity to push the boundaries further out and create new possibilities!

Everyone has some level of mastery at something.....however, to truly be a master is to be able to accomplish anything one undertakes with a grace and ease and clear focus of attention that is truly amazing!

Everyone has had moments of calm, intense focus. Remember and feel what that is like.  How would you like to live that way all of the time?

More and more people are learning the skills to be it!  It is the next evolutionary step for humanity and anyone who will succeed and lead must develop these skills or get left by the wayside as evolution dictates this fact.

You deserve to live this effortless passionate intensity in all areas of your life! Find out how the Self Discovery Techniques and Path to Enlightenment is making this a reality for more and more people everyday!

We push the limits and thrive by supporting people to be masters over their lives :)

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