Simplicity: The One Thing Everyone Needs

In our day-to-day modern hustle it is easy to get caught up in the insanity and feel overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated or hopelessness. Some people do not feel that bad - maybe they just have an overall lack of enthusiasm and joy.

What causes us to feel less than our ideal? At the simplest, most fundamental level it is just one thing: a lack of "creative life force" flowing through the body/mind.

This creative life force has been named many things by different cultures; chi, prana, qi, energy, the holy spirit, divine light, etc.

It is simply the flow of awareness which is the fundamental energy source of everything - another word for it is attention.

When attention flows freely a person has vibrance and enthusiasm for life and plenty of energy to create their goals. They feel connected to life and have joy without cause - just being themselves is enough. They feel that life flows and supports them to realize their desires and ideals.

This is not a common state for most of humanity. Some people have moments of it or a day or two now and then.

What blocks this flow of creative life force?

Simple: limiting beliefs, sabotaging identity patterns and resistance that we have stored in our body/mind. The "baggage" that we are indoctrinated with and buy into over the course of our life: the fears, regrets, anger, pain, stress, etc., that we have stored and not processed and released.

So what is the solution?

Again simple (but not always so easy): Regularly re-connect directly back to the source - unbounded, silent awareness - the most simple of all states of being. By doing this effectively and regularly we begin to release and dissolve the stresses and fears that we have bound in the body/mind.

Also, learning how to deliberately become aware of these unconscious patterns and learning the skill to deliberately release them while shifting our attention, our life force, toward our ideals and goals.

There are very few highly effective strategies for doing this and the Self Discovery Techniques are among the best of them. Find our more first-hand for yourself!

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