The only way to move beyond a pattern that we hold in our life is to satiate it. This means that we must move beyond it, and finally lose our interest in it.

Sometimes we are interested in patterns - fears, limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns, etc. that we would deny ownership for.

This is at the root of all of life problems - denial of our ownership of the circumstances we are in right now.

If you asked 100 people how interesting they find tragedy or problems to be - how many would say "I find it to be very fascinating"?

Only the most honest would answer that way. The fact that TV news is so successful and that people almost come to a complete stop on a highway just to see a wreck - both of these prove that a lot of people are fascinated by tragedy!

In fact how many conversations do people have about the drama and problems going on in their life?

See! We find that stuff fascinating and because of this fact it keeps coming back into our life. When we are truly ready to let go we lose interest in it - we satiate the judgment, the fixed attention we have on it. We experience the creation until we do not have any interest in it anymore, and since attention creates our reality, when we quit giving it attention - it goes away.

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