"What we resist shall persist” is a very old saying in self-evolvement and spiritual teachings. Once we know that it is our judgment, our beliefs that makes our attention fix on certain things and that whatever we focus our attention on becomes more real, we begin to realize that by resisting something we get stuck on focusing on it and re-creating it again and again.

We can never get enough of what we don't want in the first place! The more we resist something the more our attention gets fixed on it and the more we have to contend with it.

It is a form of negative affirmation. We are giving more and more attention energy to what we do not want or do not like and we get more and more of it showing up in our space!

Look at your own life and you can plenty of examples of what I am talking about. How come some people re-create absurd things in their life over and over? If you explore a little you will find that judgment is always the cause. Judgment acts like gravity and pulls the attention toward whatever we judge as "good" or "bad" ...and whatever we focus our attention on becomes more real. Some really good examples are addictions and compulsive desires. There is so much fixed attention on something that even though we do not want it or know that it is not good for us - another part of us cannot get enough!

Learning how to find these judgments (limiting beliefs) and release the charge from them is a very empowering skill to develop because then we can begin to direct our attention deliberately toward our ideals and then we can direct our life as we choose to."

There are little known ways to rapidly accelerate this process!