The Power of Commitment

The reason so few people succeed in living a truly fulfilling life is that they lack real commitment to their ideal vision or achieving the goals necessary along the way to attain it.

When a commitment to attain an ideal is made and adhered to, a person attains the energy, power and resources necessary to create their ideal. In fact the only real difference between those that succeed in their undertakings and those that do not is in the power of their commitment to attain the end result.

This is obvious to anyone who spends a little time observing people who are successful in any field.

So, what keeps most people from being able to commit to an ideal vision and attaining it? A mis-alignment within themselves. They are unconsciously committed to self-sabotage patterns that have run them all of their life and they do not see the pattern and therefore they do not take responsibility for creating it.

This mis-alignment is like a war inside of them draining all of their energy and keeping them uninspired and lacking the motivation to really be creative and effective at their undertakings. It makes them believe in their doubts, their limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns as REAL. They can show you a million reasons why they cannot succeed!

A person must be able to discover and dis-create these deeply held limiting patterns in order to begin living their ideal life. In fact any truly successful person will tell you that they "failed their way to success" - they persisted in pursuing their dream until they succeeded!

Most people do not even know that they have these sabotage patterns.  Others are somewhat aware of them, but have tried in vain to overcome them and do not have an effective strategy to do so.

There are little known ways to rapidly accelerate this process...

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