Our Greatest Enemy is Within

At a certain point in our personal growth as human beings we realize that all the problems that we have created in our life were created by us.

Even if we suspect this at only a faint intuitive level, we have begun to take on a level of self-responsibility that only a small percentage of humanity is operating at. Most people believe that they live in a world where their problems are caused by outside forces that they have no control over. They feel victimized by life circumstances, people and events.

Even people who have begun to create their life deliberately through affirmations or visualizing techniques often believe that they do not create the problems that arise in their life. They only want to take credit for what they like in their life and not what they don’t like having created.

Once we realize the simple fact that the beliefs that we hold create our reality, we begin to take inventory of the beliefs that we hold and have created before this moment. The challenge is that we are not aware of most of our beliefs and therefore they are running certain areas of our life unconsciously and on automatic.

This explains reactive patterns and sabotage patterns that seem to repeat themselves over and over.

In order to find the limiting beliefs and the sabotage identities that they create we must have a strategy to reveal the deeper levels of our consciousness to our self-awareness so that we can release the limitations.

A lot of people think that if they do nothing about their consciousness or just work at the shallower levels...that everything will be fine. The challenge with that is that most people have deeply repressed self-destructive patterns that they have no control or power over and in many cases, totally deny that it exists within them.

If you ask most intelligent people in modern society if they suspect that there are self-destructive patterns hidden in their consciousness - many might deny this possibility.

Self-denial is a ticket for eventual disaster! How often do we pretend that we have it all together and then out of the blue we have a sudden life crisis emerge? This is an example of not being aware of the beliefs that created a problem in our life. The best strategy for anyone no matter how enlightened is to constantly explore their beliefs and to intend to grow as a being and to know and understand their lacks and weaknesses so they may grow beyond them.

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to rapidly accelerate the self-mastery process!