Observer Created Reality

Einstein determined that the basis of form was emptiness and that emptiness was at the heart of all form. The Buddha realized this also 2,500 years before him and made this realization into a teaching called the heart sutra.

"In the foundational basis of modern Quantum physics - the Copenhagen Interpretation, the Danish physicist Niels Bohr came to the conclusion that observed phenomenon could not exist as separate from the observer. Later another physicist name Heinz Pagels stated that we live in an observer created reality.

Modern research of fundamental particles (superstrings, bosons, leptons, quarks, etc) clearly shows how the observer affects the outcome of the research, and how different results will occur when there are different observers with different expectations.

And amazingly, all of these realizations simply prove what great mystics from all walks and paths have stated for thousands of years about the universe and how it is created!

Our beliefs determine our reality. Our assumptions and attitudes pre-determine the experiences that we will observe to be real.

That in fact at the deepest level, reality is simply a bias of our own personal perception.

This is easily proven by exploring how two different people share an experience and can have totally different perceptions, totally different attitudes and realizations about it!

Taken to its limits, when a person realizes that they create their reality and they actually realize the levels of subconscious beliefs that are running their life on automatic and integrate these beliefs back into awareness, they can create all aspects of their reality as easily and joyfully as a child makes a finger painting or a craftsman forges his art.

This level of enlightenment and the corresponding creativity that it generates is far beyond mere affirmations, positive thinking, creative visualization, and what most of humanity is currently capable of.  In fact only a very rare few have ever lived this way over the ages. We have called them masters, saints, avatars, sages, shamans, wizards, rishis, super achievers, etc.

However, that is all changing - humanity is awakening to a new super powerful creative state and for some that change is happening quickly! 

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