Masters: The Elite Few

Before the development of the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process, the road to self-mastery was long, arduous and very difficult. It took many years of trial and error, failure and emotional duress … and yes, super-human will power. Only a very elite few ever become self-realized, self-actualized and fulfilled masters over their lives. According to the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow, only about 1% of the human race achieves the state of self-actualization. He went on to explain that there was a fraction of that 1% who became “transcendent” (enlightened).

We don’t need Maslow to explain to us that very, very few people are masters of their lives or their fields of endeavor! .... How many Michael Jordans are there? Or Buddhas or Babe Ruths or Ghandis or Martin Luther Kings or Steve Jobs?

I am sure that every human being has this kind of potential in them and I am clear that I am using my full potential to awaken it!

The masses never even attempt deliberately fulfilling their potential as they may not know it is possible or it may seem impossible, or the role models of such a possibility may never have even been in their space!

Nevertheless, the desire nature exists even in the most un-evolved person - for desires are simply needs that must be fulfilled. As Maslow realized …. the desires are for very basic needs at first …. food, shelter, comfort, etc.

As we evolve our desires become more evolutionary ….. eventually we want to have whatever our heart desires ….. and when we mature enough in consciousness …. the ability to easily fulfill our desires is the first stages of enlightenment. A self-actualized person confidently knows that they can have anything their heart desires and this is a revolutionary step in the evolution of a human being!

I would assert that the whole purpose of life is to fulfill one’s potential. In fact I am clear that natural desires are simply the way consciousness drives us forward.

They are like road signs pointing the way forward toward more fulfillment and evolution, love and creative power …. ultimately - freedom and sovereignty!

Before the creation of the Self Discovery Path to Life Mastery there existed plenty of books and courses and strategies that taught people the ideas, the principles of success and self-mastery ….. however, none of them could empower a person to embody these principles and feel them (believe them) experientially.

People are still taking slow paths, paths that are old or outdated or incomplete or intellectually or emotionally fulfilling - but are not getting them the results of realizing their heart’s desires. These paths take many years of struggle and offer no guarantee of success.

Sure, the people who create these paths and their participants are well-meaning and people do feel gains and make some headway in their evolution …. but now there is a revolutionary way that self-actualization can happen in a few months or years instead of a lifetime, a way to truly have the passion and power and creative energy be released to create one’s hearts desires! 

We are seeing it happen faster and faster in the Self Discovery Community and it is going to keep speeding up as we are tapping into the unlimited power of the field, of Source Awareness! The evidence for what I say grows daily as more and more of our clients realize their hearts’ desires and move toward self-actualization and enlightenment …. it is magical to watch and even more magical of a way to live!

Simply put: Desire leads us to the next step in our personal growth. Awakening desire and aligning with it and allowing the desire nature to lead us forward in life is the path of Self Discovery, realizing the ability to have all of your hearts desires easily met is Life Mastery ….. however, be very, very, clear: this is not an idea, this is not done by thinking or understanding. No amount of study or reading this will result in a person realizing it first-hand as a whole body feeling/realization (belief). It won’t be in your experience – it will exist only in your mind!

Knowing how to believe with the whole self, the body, emotions and mind is a skill and takes a brilliant and intense strategy and determined leadership and guidance to accomplish. It is a road traveled only by very few.

The Self Discovery Trainer Team is leading the way and we want to support you …. all it takes is having the courage strength and open-mindedness to admit and realize that what you are doing now is not going to get you the results nearly as fast or as easy …. we have developed the ultimate strategy and we have plenty of people quickly fulfilling their hearts desires to prove it!

Come, find out how and why and join us and live your heart’s desires!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!