Intuition: How it works

People often see intuition as some "mystical connection to a bigger picture".

This is all well and good, however it can be limiting to us in the sense of us giving our power to some imagined source outside of our Self.

The first and most fundamental law of creation is that we are the creator of our experience.  To know ourselves as source being, as pure, aware will that determines its own beliefs, which in turn, creates our reality as we perceive it.

If we deny this fact we become a victim of circumstances and create some outside force(s) or being(s) running our lives. When we believe that we are not source over our lives (consciously or unconsciously) we are subject to being controlled by outside authorities and powers. 

So, once we begin to embrace the fact we create our reality and take full responsibility for doing so, we begin to realize that intuitive guidance is recognition of what we are creating as our True Self, our Higher Self.

For example, if you are walking around a building and you feel an impulse that something dangerous awaits you around the other side of that building, you are realizing that on some level you created this experience and you are simply re-cognizing (remembering) this fact.

At one level of functioning you might decide to avoid that experience, as you may not feel powerful enough to change it right at that moment.

On another, more powerful level of functioning, you could simply feel the intuitive belief that danger awaits you around the corner and then own and release that fear, and create a intention to shift that probability into another, more empowering experience.

In physics they talk about the "butterfly effect" which simply means that everything is interconnected and every action in creation effects everything else in creation as the Buddha taught long ago.

Understanding that all probabilities exist HERE NOW and that the ones your attention fix on; the realities that you believe to be true - are the ones that become real for you, is true perspective. 

This realization allows us to own and experience our creations as creator of our personal universe.

So, why doesn't everyone know this?

Why can't everyone simply manage their reality by shifting their beliefs?

Why do most modern trainings that teach us to imagine and believe and create our ideal reality have limited success?

It is simple; People have dis-owned being source awareness and gotten trapped in consciousness - they believe that they are their beliefs! People are being identities rather than source awareness and to the degree you believe you are your identity/ego self, you are right! You have self-ordained yourself as being less than source and created source being outside of you!

Of course no one consciously does this - it is unconscious and automatic.

Returning to self-awareness and then learning the skills to get out of this self-made trap is the goal of every true enlightenment path. It is simple as a concept, but presents very real challenges because, once you believe your way into something - you are being it and cannot see how to get out of it. Then, trying to create your ideal is simply fighting yourself, resisting what you already unconsciously believe creating limited results and stress and struggle.

And then along walks a Self discovery Trainer, a being who is present and aware and has mastered the skills to get out of their own "self-made trap of consciousness" and now out of compassion, they support others to do the same.

People often resist a master who presents these facts to them, as the ego is very invested in being right, because it believes it is right and already knows the "truth" and already has the answers.

The way out of the trap is total self-honesty and vulnerability and to admit there are some areas of our life that could stand some improvement, and then miracles will present themselves.

Find out how the Self Discovery Techniques can support you to become ever-present and to dis-entangle your awareness out of the muddy tangle of unconscious beliefs and begin to command all areas of your life - it is like a breath of fresh air!

What does your intuition tell you?

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