Integration is the required in order to create wholeness, integrity and peace in our lives. It is mandatory if we are to have any real level of power or impact in the world we live in.

Integration means to take full ownership for our judgments, our limiting beliefs that we project on ourselves and others (our other "selves"). When we do this we quit making "others" wrong or right and just experience them with compassion and appreciation (love).

This does not mean we have to believe in their limitations or get caught up in their games if we do not want to participate in them. It means that we can create space for them to change and grow into more of their highest and best - we allow them to be more by not holding them to being less then their ideal!

This is the true power of allowing yourself to see another's point of view and integrating them as part of your self, especially if they are being something you do not want to own as part of yourself! (as scriptures say to love your enemy)

All the masters throughout time have talked of this, however, compassion and the integration it creates is not about nice words or ideas, it is a practice that requires getting real with yourself and being totally self-honest. Admitting things about yourself that you do not want to own.

This kind of courage creates real and lasting change in the world.

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