Faith Moves Mountains

Most people associate faith with religion. However, faith simply means absolute belief without doubt, to believe with certainty even without evidence until the certainty provides "evidence".

We live in a perfectly intelligent Universe governed by one absolute law: Belief creates reality - a "reality" exists because of the assumption, the expectation of the believer. In physics it is stated this way; "the observed phenomenon does not exist independently of the observer." Modern physics research has proven that the expectation of the researchers affects the outcome of the experiment.

The challenge with knowing that beliefs create our reality is that most people think that by changing their ideas at the level of thought, at the mental level....that they can change their reality. This is not the case however and anyone who has gotten frustrated by doing endless affirmations or visualization and not being able to change certain things in their life will attest to the frustration this act of futility will create. This is caused by having hidden (transparent) beliefs in the unconscious that create a reality contrary to our desired intention.

How do we effectively create our desired beliefs to create our ideal life?

It is a 3 step process: First - a person must become fully self-aware and operate in the present moment and not from the intellect/ego. Second - they must discover the beliefs that are creating their current limitations and release them. Third - they must be able to create beliefs that have certainty as the feeling (faith).

This sounds easy, but it is not if a person has not developed the skills to do these things. In the beginning, these skills must be learned and practiced and the old limiting beliefs must be released to "clean the slate" for pure creativity to flow.

As the great Teacher Harry Palmer states;  "Karma is the ransom we pay for our Enlightenment".

So, until we re-own our limiting beliefs (karma) and release them, we cannot truly create our ideal. There is too much unconscious resistance blocking us. And the truth be known - these are not skills you can learn just anywhere. If they were, everyone would be blissfully living their dream life!

In fact, it is very rare on our planet right now to know how to discover deeply held beliefs and dis-create them and easily create our reality. There is no way a person can listen to an audio or read a book and master these skills! is delusional to think so. It would be like thinking one can become a brain surgeon by listening to an audio! Just like any powerful skill a person needs a mentor who is living it and being it and an effective strategy to implement.

By learning the necessary skills - then we can create our beliefs with absolute Faith and the certainty of them will manifest in our life reality - we can truly mold our life to fit our ideals!

Thanks to the skill and abilities of the Self Discovery Trainers and the Self Discovery Techniques, that has all changed radically and the ability to create our ideal life has been exponentially accelerated!

You deserve to find out how we can guarantee radical shifts in your power, enlightenment and self-mastery with this amazing training!

We have absolute Faith in it!

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