Enlightened Justice

Justice is a word greatly abused by our society. It has come to mean to mean vengeance or winning at all costs by many people. We have come to confuse righteousness with being right.

To be right at the expense of dong the right thing is a form of evil by any true definition. Evil is simply ignorance from the viewpoint of enlightenment. When we are committed to enlightenment, we are committed to the truth and righteousness at all cost.

The truth is not what our ego wants it to be...it is what is truly real and tangible and is inside of us all. All of us know the difference between what is harmful and destructive and what is empowering and evolutionary - we only need to still our mind and let go of the ego's intense need to always be right and listen to our innate intelligence, our intuition.

The ego self makes foolish demands of ourselves and others and feels it must win even if it has to lie or do harm to do so! Sadly this kind of unjust justice has infiltrated our courtrooms, classrooms and our government. A lot of people are confused and really feel that self-righteousness is justice.

However, we all know that doing the right thing is true justice and no amount of legislation, litigation or intimidation by outside authorities can teach us justice or enforce it. It is something done in the heart and then understood and taught by the mind.

Solomon, a great King of the ancient Hebrew people was known as "Solomon the Wise'.  He administered justice in his court based on his own intuitive feel of what was right and wrong. Some of his methods were fierce and unconventional. He was known to seek the truth and to create justice - to make good come out of bad events.

Making good come out of events, creating growth and evolution, out of circumstances that could have otherwise been destructive is true justice and is required of anyone who would seek wisdom, truth and self-mastery(enlightenment.) Feel into this for yourself...  

What area or circumstance could you apply this type of justice to improve your own life and other people's?  What honesty could you apply to your own life to create more justice? This is a very liberating practice and requires courage but the payoffs are huge!

It is challenging in a world where pretense, self-importance and egotism rule most people. It is sometimes challenging to do the right thing....but it is healing and transformational and sets a new standard for people to follow!

The Self Discovery Techniques and Self Discovery Life Mastery Process is giving people a real and highly effective strategy to create more self-responsibility, honesty and justice, therefore - wisdom and enlightenment in their lives and in the world.  You deserve to discover the potency and power that is available to you...find out more.

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