Cosmic Forces

Human beings are unique in that their highly developed nervous system has the capacity to utilize amazing levels of cosmic power (also known as prana, chi, life force, bio-energy, etc.)  The challenge is that so few people have ever accessed or attained any real level of their full potential, the awesome creative power that human beings are capable of.

One way to explore this concept is by using the following allegory: Imagine having access to a main frame computer that was powerful beyond imagination. So powerful that it could do anything!  Say it had the answer to any problem and could even alter physical reality and create new realities that you programmed into it...kind of like the "holo-deck" on Star Trek - say even better than limits!

And say you have a direct "terminal" that is plugged into this awesome cosmic computer.  The problem for almost all of humanity is that they have a very weak limited connection to this powerful source (almost like having a dial up modem) they get very limited results and live very limited, unfulfilling lives.

Because of this....most people believe that stress, problems and struggle are "normal" and so they accept this as fact and set about managing their lives as best they can. After all...they already tried all that new age practice, the self-help tapes and books or that religious belief system and there was little real and lasting change!

How does one do better? How does a person tap into this awesome power and have a big serving of the divine ambrosia?

They must first admit that they do not have as much joy and fulfillment as they want. They must get real about the fact that there is some room for change and growth. The ego and it's "I already know that" game must be set aside as it stops the possibilities of growth.

A master is a student who never allowed himself/herself to believe that she/he already knew it all!

There are little known methods to attain great creative power and the joy, fulfillment, serene peace, success and enlightenment that this cosmic power has to offer us all. First, you must have a "training partner" who knows how to do this and has the power to support you to attain it! This is a road that almost no one has traveled alone.

It is not religious or even necessarily "spiritual", it is actually a science of sorts...the science of consciousness and it is available to everyone who is ready...and now it is much faster and easier than ever to attain.

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process.