Clarity Comes From Integrity

Once we decide to become more real, honest and to entertain enlightenment (self-mastery) as a possibility for our life...we begin to realize how important creating integrity in our lives is.

Personal Integrity is the only true and tangible way to measure our growth as human beings. Sure, we may have extraordinary experiences of love and have many insights as well while we grow more enlightened and real..... but when it comes down to the "nitty gritty" of how one creates power in the world without harmful repercussions.... Personal Integrity is what will assure this in the long-term.

Personal Integrity comes from owning all of our creations - our thoughts, emotions, actions and the corresponding results as our creations ....and then by acting responsibly from self-awareness.

Doing this takes courage and a willingness to be real and vulnerable as the ego will often convince us of how weak and powerless we feel as we open up and become aware of the fears and misalignments that hold us out of integrity.

Some people say they have experienced a "life review" in near death experiences or saw their life flash before their eyes when in a crisis or emergency. Often old regrets surface and the realization that self-forgiveness as well as forgiving others has moved to being high on our priority list.

Why wait for a crisis to get real with yourself?    

This seemed apparent to me after a emotional crisis showed up in my life and I realized I could have avoided it all by being responsible in the first place...I had "hindsight" rather than using my own obvious ability of foresight.

How do we create more integrity in our life?

We can start by getting real, doing a self-honest inventory of where we are with people and relationships and doing some basic forgiving and honest communication with the people we need to clean things up with without any expectations on their behalf.

And for handling deeper more transparent and unconscious limitations.....There is now a very potent strategy for becoming more self-honest and in integrity: the Self Discovery Techniques and the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process.

Take the time to explore and see for have nothing to lose but what you did not want in the first place!

The resulting clarity and ability to create your ideal simply amazing!

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process.