Beliefs create our reality. If you don’t believe that to be true, your beliefs will create evidence for you to validate that you are right - making the first statement true that beliefs create our reality.

Beliefs filter our perception of reality within the infinite possibilities of pure awareness, leaving us with the evidence for whatever we decide to believe – as long as we believe it absolutely and have no conflicting beliefs (doubts).

People often have many different beliefs about a subject and this is why they experience a little of this and a little of that. Having beliefs that are in conflict is the source of stress and struggle and mis-alignment with one’s self.  Many people think that they can shift deeply held beliefs by “thought replacement” or “positive thinking”. In the long run this is an act of futility, a strategy that is guaranteed to fail in the end because thoughts are generated by identities which are deeply held beliefs that exist as contracted, energetic structures in the body/mind. Consciousness, in this regard, is much like the structure of an iceberg where only a small portion is revealed on the surface.

When beliefs have enough importance in them, enough judgment, a person begins to identify with them as their sense of self – their sense of identity.

Identities are often not created deliberately and are “default programs” that run our lives when we do not. These identity selves are often reactive and some are downright nasty and some are sick, and some are victims, etc., etc.

Being able to identify and manage one’s beliefs and therefore their identity is the most powerful ability a person can have, and yet currently this is one of the least understood skills for humanity. As we move into the “Age Of Consciousness” this will quickly change and the right and wrong game humanity is currently compelled to play will unwind and an enlightened civilization will unfold on Earth.

Take a moment to Contemplate these ideas:

What beliefs do you have that are empowering?

What beliefs do you have that are limiting?

Do you suspect there are some self-sabotaging beliefs that you hold that you are not conscious of?

Would you like to have a highly effective strategy to manage your consciousness?

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