Being in the Unknown

Along the path of un-foldment of human consciousness there is a stage where we believe that the intellect is source - that mental knowledge will answer all of our naturally in this phase of our growth we are hungry to learn as much as we can.  In this phase we read a lot of books and attend lectures and listen to teachers who talk about information that we feel will make us more empowered. This is the phase where a lot of people are currently.

However, once we begin to satiate that need, at a certain point in our path we realize that no amount of information, no amount of thinking can fill that void inside of us that we desire to fill. In this stage attaining knowledge begins to seem heavy and no longer holds the excitement it once did. We sense that it is a dead-end path, that we are just accumulating more and more beliefs. We begin to realize that mental knowledge is not the final path and cannot take us to fulfillment or realization of self-mastery(enlightenment).

We begin to sense that experience is a more powerful path than intellect!

This is when we begin to explore the unknown....and then we will attract a master who has walked that path before us...but be open minded - they may not look like the book or movie "fantasy" version of a master that your mind may picture!

We now sense that out beyond our mental sense of self (our ego self), all the ideas that we believe are true and that define us - that there is a broader more expanded self that we long to integrate into our life. This is not a religious or mystical thing but rather an experiential awakening to a more aware, silent, effortless, yet very powerful aspect of our self.

The biggest fear the ego has is to let go of itself, to let go of the known - to let go of the egoistic sense of being the center of the universe! However as we begin to explore the unknown and start to trust that unbounded awareness BEYOND THE MIND that is our true self...we begin to relax our contracted, painful sense of ego self and to integrate into more of what our heart truly seeks - peace, fulfillment, dynamic creativity, enlightened awareness. Eventually - everyone will walk that path and realize their true self.

There are little known ways to rapidly accelerate this process...

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