Being Source Awareness

As a person re-owns and strips away the layers of assumptions, assertions, desires and resistances, the identity selves that they have defined themselves as - a more detached, compassionate Self begins to emerge. This higher, True Self is benevolent and serene and all knowing. It knows through direct experience. It is the experiencer and therefore knows creation thoroughly as a condensation of it’s own Self.

This Higher Self is ever-present, vigilant and aware and is at the foundation of all of creation.

It is the truth of truth and the eye of the I. There is nothing superior to it.  The mind does NOT recognize this simple fact for it is beyond thought or thinking….it is simplicity itself. It is the originator of thought. It is beyond stain or sin; it is unknowable as it is the knower.

It is all possibilities. It is pure intelligence and pure creative potential. It is wholeness itself. Nothing is beyond it, behind it or before it. It is the alpha, omega and even beyond all of that.

It is pure effortless being, aware and serene, observing and directing.

It is the knower, the all seeing eye, the being that looks through your own eyes, the attention flowing through you, looking through the eyes of everyone and it exists within everything.

To see through the eyes of this higher True Self is to appreciate, to love, to feel gratitude, to be in grace….pure, sweet surrender.

When this Self is awakened, a being becomes a seer rather than a seeker. There is nothing else to seek once one knows themselves as this seer. There is only a deepening of, an ongoing integration of being this pure awareness. This is the source, course and goal of all transformation, evolution and enlightenment. It is the pinnacle of human existence – to know one’s self as the Self.

Of course, this does not mean that one will not keep seeking for a while. It takes one awhile to trust and understand that at the deepest level “I am all there is”. “I am Source Awareness the source of creation”. It usually takes a little while to trust and operate as the higher Self.

But once you know…..there is no going back or kidding yourself any further.

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