Awakening to the Higher Self

Throughout the ages mystics, prophets, seers and sages as well as philosophers and even a few scientists have realized the experience of a higher self. A Self beyond the everyday ego self. The ego/identity self is always calculating for personal gain. The ego self is personal - it sees that everything is about me and it is always defending and protecting itself or denying anything that does not fit into its self image.

The Higher Self is our own simple awareness. It does not contain thoughts or emotions as it is the source of the thoughts and emotions as well as being the source of the thinker! Awareness is more fundamental than thinking or emotion and is the beginning point for all of creation.

Everyone has experienced the higher Self at some point in their life....when the mind slows down and you feel very serene, peaceful and whole. Some people learn how to meditate and deliberately experience the higher Self. By regularly experiencing the deep, silent stillness of the higher Self we begin to have more experiences of peace and bliss and a sense of wholeness and well-being. People who develop the connection to source awareness become more creative and effective and are much more capable of creating a joyful, successful life.

There are very specific skills that by regular practice a person may accelerate this process so that anyone can experience more joy, success and fulfillment."

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process.