Attention Creates Reality

Whatever we have attention on becomes more real. The more attention we have on it the more real it becomes. At the most fundamental level reality can be defined as to what we truly believe is real, what we allow our attention to focus on. Attention is the life force of the universe. It has been called "Chi", "energy", "Qi", Prana, etc.

Whatever we withdraw our attention away from becomes less real and will eventually dissipate if we do not give our attention to it.

How do we explain that some things seem to persist in our reality even when we stop giving them attention?...there is an unconscious automatic supply of attention you are giving it. Finding the unconscious source of fixed attention and relaxing it from the creation is the way back to living deliberately and managing your life reality.

Being ignorant of the mechanics of this process or avoiding/denying it does not make it different or make it go away no matter how much we wish it would. We must become self-aware and explore how and what we direct our attention (our life force) toward in our lives if we are ever going to truly experience fulfillment, lasting happiness and peace of mind.

There are little known ways to rapidly accelerate this process...

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self mastery process!